Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hit right on Target with tactics

Target is coming to Canada!  I have been waiting with bated breath for the day to come in 2013 when stores will open here in Winnipeg.  The brand is synonymous with quality at a great price, and their focus is on everyday people.  Whether you’re a family of five, a student, or somewhere in between there is something in a Target store that will appeal to you.   The difference between Target and other discount retailers is there is absolutely no compromise on quality just because you pay low prices.  Everyone wants more for less, and Target delivers.  

The most spectacular thing about Target, in my opinion, is that it brings typically unattainable (or impracticable) high fashion within grasp.  Target makes it possible to deck the whole family out in designer duds without breaking the bank.  They have collaborations with high-end retailers along with features from various designers (like Prabal Gurung).  The amalgamation of high-end and discount price is what differentiates the brand from its competitors.  Wearing designer clothing congers up feelings of exclusivity and luxury, and saving money brings personal satisfaction.  

Most Canadians, especially the ones the brand focuses on, are familiar with the company and likely shop at the retailer while in the United States.  There is little added value in creating a PR campaign to let consumers know about a brand they’re familiar with, but a staged event would receive wide public and media attention.  The most notable stunt Target has employed would be Marina.  Employing such stunts all over Canada would be exorbitant but fashion shows, staged in the cities where Target is opening, showcasing the items designed exclusively for the company would garner a lot of attention and pique public interest.   Displaying items for women, men, and children will illustrate inclusivity and influence shopping decision makers to make Target their ‘go-to’ discount retailer.  

Coupling the stunts with a social media campaign, aimed at consumers in cities that will have a Target opening in the future, will allow people to engage with the brand without participating in an event.  The media attention received from the campaign will have a residual effect, paving the way for the retailer to expand within the country without having to expend large future resources.

Target provides the opportunity to look great while being frugal and practical.   
 There is a reason that designers associate themselves with the brand and soon Canadians will get chance to see why first-hand, without having to worry about duty-free limits. 


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